« GAIN »: The genevan aeronautical division take off

New name, new president and a techday dedicated to Geneva

Geneva’s aerospace industry is taking a new step. One year after the creation of the pole of excellence, its founding members Jean Gallay, Kugler Bimétal, Mercury Mission International Systems, Niklaus, and Saint Jean Aero (Switzerland) are increasing their attractiveness by forming an association called GAIN – Geneva Aero Industry Network.

GAIN’s actions are taking shape and growing, which definitely reinforces Geneva’s positioning in the global aerospace industry” said Pierre Maudet, Chairman of the State Council. Created under its impulse, the cluster is managed by the Office for the Promotion of Industries and Technologies (OPI) which plays a role of catalyst and facilitator.

The formalized alliance between these companies makes it possible to develop information sharing, networks and infrastructures as well as to benefit from certain feedback. The purpose of this center of excellence is to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in this area and thus optimize the solutions offered to their customers.

The group is also preparing to launch in October a “Techday”, where the know-how and innovations of each company will be presented to major clients. The groups Airbus, RUAG and Armasuisse have already signaled their willingness to participate in the event, confirming the attractiveness of the cluster and its major place in the aviation industry.

The president of the Saint Jean Industries group Emile di Serio has been appointed president of GAIN and Andenet Raswork, general manager of Niklaus P. SA, vice-president.

I am very honored by this new responsibility and look forward to actively participating in this acceleration. From a solid core of companies in the canton our ambition is to create a solid network of innovative, qualitative and essential know-how for the aeronautical contractors. GAIN will crystallize our expertise and our synergies. The next October tech-day will be the most immediate illustration, “promises Emile di Serio, president of GAIN.